Complimentary Network and Security Assessment

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With all the rapid changes occurring in today's IT environment and network security, it can be challenging to identify what new threats to protect against, vulnerabilities to mitigate, and best practices your business should adopt.

Often businesses learn the hard way from data loss, and cyber-attacks which can have a crippling effect on the business from both a financial and operational standpoint.

Knowing the current state of your IT environment, and being able to effectively plan for the cost-efficient growth and protection is a vital component of your businesses success.

With our complimentary network and security assessment, Network Connections will assess your entire network's strengths and weaknesses, evaluating a wide spectrum of IT areas in your environment.


What's included:

  • Networks assets and settings
  • Complete set of reports (systems, network assets, settings, configuration, installed applications and endpoint security issues)
  • Site diagram
  • Detailed excel report that you can utilize
  • Full set of security reports focus on network and user-related security risks, designed to allow you to offer a basic Managed Security Service.
  • Users report - know who has access to what systems, and what systems are configured with what permissions.
  • External vulnerabilities scans and Dark Web password exposure.